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In the 1950s, when the jet was booming, jet lag became a headache and an unavoidable problem for everyone. This prevented people from accurately obtaining the local time. Therefore, there was an unprecedented demand for watches that could simply display the time in two time zones.

So the first generation of GMT Master watches was born. The bezel is made of steel. The blue represents the night, and the red represents the day. There is a 24-hour scale on the bezel. In addition to the hours, minutes, and seconds, the hands on the dial also have a GMT pointer, which is distinguished by red decoration to indicate 24 hours. It can display the second time zone time. The hour hand mainly indicates the time of departure.

Travelers can use the traditional indicators on the dial. Know the local time. So this is also a must-have watch for many people who travel and travel on business.

Today I will introduce the 126710 of the Rolex GMT Master II series, which can be said to be one of the most popular models of Rolex. It is equipped with a new steel case five-bead chain with blue and black rings. This is also Rolex after the five-bead chain with red and blue rings. The second five-bead chain GMT launched.

The case is made of a 904L Oyster with a diameter of 40 mm. It is very sturdy. The black dial with 18ct white gold is more recognizable and easier to recognize the time.

The flexible and comfortable five-link metal strap is equipped with an easy-to-adjust link developed by Rolex, allowing the wearer to easily extend the strap by about 5 mm to meet the needs of different wrist sizes.

Rolex is also equipped with an Oyster-style safety buckle to prevent accidental opening of the buckle. The whole is forged from 904L stainless steel, which makes it more comfortable to wear and fits the wrist.

It is also equipped with a two-way rotating outer ring, a red and blue two-color Cerachrom 24-hour scale ceramic bezel. The ceramic material is not only corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant and does not fade even when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

It also has a triple lock and triple waterproof system to enhance the watch. The waterproof performance of the watch bottom adopts a sealed design, and the solid screw-in back cover enhances the waterproof of the replica watch.

It is equipped with a new generation of caliber 3285, equipped with a Chronergy escapement system, with a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The 3285 movements are equipped with a Parachrom hairspring to help resist impact and temperature changes.

The structure of this movement is the same as that of all Oyster movements, and its performance is stable and accurate.

The following is a detailed introduction of the GMT Master II series 126710 on this website. If necessary, you can also click the link in the detailed address below to purchase. This website promises 1:1 reproduction and provides high-quality and inexpensive high-quality reproduction watches!

Warranty: 12 months warranty
Case size: 40mm
Strap material: stainless steel
Reference number:126710BLRO-0001
Dial Color: black
Material: Stainless steel
Sex: Male
Hour marker: dot
Waterproof: waterproof
Buckle type: folding buckle watch
Bottom cover: solid
Strap color: silver
Watch shape: round
Movement: top Swiss movement
Price: Starting at $132.89
Detailed address:

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