Is Richard Mille the best companion of a sports car?—Guide to replica watches

Richard Mille is a very young watch brand founded in 1999. The name of the brand comes directly from the founder, Mr. Richard Mille himself. From the beginning, Richard Mille established the route of innovative materials, sports watches, and the pursuit of lightweight.

It breaks the traditional concept of high-value watches with K gold and platinum, which must be heavy. The RICHARD MILLE watch looks like a very sophisticated mechanical instrument. Each watch consists of hundreds of parts. Among them, the most complicated RM 039 Aviation E6-B flyback chronograph has a movement of nearly 750.

It consists of several parts, and there are more than 200 watch case parts. I think this is one of the reasons why a Richard Mille can sell for an amazing figure of $200,000.

One of the main reasons for Richard Mille’s success is the highly recognizable exterior design, especially the “tonneau-shaped” case. The case is a “sandwich” structure with upper, middle, and lower layers, the upper bezel, the middle case body, and the lower bottom cover.

In order to fix the case, a number of special screws are used to penetrate up and down, and even the strap is specially developed for coordinating the case, which completely conforms to the contraction of the line of the case.

The second is the movement of Richard Mille.

Early Richard Mille watches used PVD-coated movement main plates. Generally, it is common to use PVD black plating on the case of luxury watches, but it is very rare to use PVD plating on the movement plywood. PVD coating on the movement plywood is very prone to scratches.

When screwing the screw, it will leave traces on the plating if you are not careful. As long as there is a little trace, the movement splint is scrapped. According to Richard Mille’s information, there will be a large number of parts that cannot pass the quality inspection, which leads to very high costs.

For example, this Richard Mille 055 adopts the most mainstream configuration in the market, with fine adjustment of non-caliber weights, double-spring long power, Glucydur beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel, and Elinvar hairspring.

In order to fit the unique case design, the entire movement plywood, gears, and steel parts are treated very specially, using frosted, bright, and PVD black coating methods, which are very attentive. Even each screw is a special pentagonal shape, which is expensive to build.

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